Have you heard about the event app?

While the organizer had to organize an event or conference, they have to do with a lot of manual management tasks, especially for large-scale events. The organizer needs more time struggling with registration, check-in process, data entering, etc. All you need is an excellent event app that can help you to streamline the event process and save time.

What is the event app?

An event app (or conference app) is an application that provides different tools, helping you to achieve a successful event and also the final business goal. Most of the event apps will simply offer features like agenda, attendee’s profile, messaging, therefore, to streamline the event process efficiently and enhance attendees’ experience before, during and even after the event.

How can we choose the best event app?

Nowadays, there are too many event apps in the market, how can we choose the most suitable one? We have picked 7 best event apps for you.


7 best event apps you should not miss


1.Eventmobi | A global event app

EventMobi would be a good choice for your international event as they worked with over 11,000 clients, providing a total of 26 languages. Apart from the basic features like registration, live polling, and networking, they also offer functions like Event Gamification. The organizer can set some challenges for the attendees. Points will be given after the attendee has committed a mission so to make the event more fun!

Source: Eventmobi

Key feature

  • Event registration
  • Event networking
  • Event gamification
  • Appointment booking
  • Polls & surveys

 Pricing: Free Trial / Available on request.


2.Whova | A reward-winning app

Whova, a top event app that had won the Best Event App at the Event Technology Awards, helps organizer connect with all attendees easily. Their products have been used by global enterprises like America Express, HSBC, Ford, IKEA, etc. It offers a comprehensive professional profile so that people can view other attendee profiles before the event and meet outside after the event. Thus, an organizer can also request for sponsor banner ads so to gain more impressions.

Source: Whova

Key feature

  • Personal agenda
  • Announcements
  • Live Polling
  • Business card management
  • One-on-one chat
  • Sponsor Banner Ads

Pricing: Available on request


3.Aventri| A end-to-end event app

Aventri is an event app that designed for different types of events like conferences, trade shows or meetings. They can help organizers to have a better understanding of their attendees. The organizer can get a comprehensive report on attendees’ app usage, session attendance, and connections made. Besides, Aventri will send notifications automatically to attendees based on their preferences or location.

Source: Aventri

Key feature

  • Session Agenda
  • Speaker
  • Activity Feed
  • Messaging
  • Networking
  • Floor Plan
  • Exhibitors

Pricing: Available on request.


4.Eventxtra | A one-stop event app in APAC

EventXtra offers a full-stack event management solutions which make your event simple and impactful. The organizer can set up the event quickly. To interact with attendees, organizers may maintain a live Q&A section with the attendees through the app. If you want to organize an event in China, Eventxtra will be your best choice – The app is now available on Huawei app store and attendees can buy an event ticket through WeChat pay.

Key feature

  • Business card scanning
  • Ticketing
  • Facial Recognition check-in
  • Live Q&A, Polling

Pricing: Available on request.


5.Eventee| Event app with beautiful design

Eventee maintains a beautiful design of the app and it is user-friendly enough for the organizer to create their event less than 10 minutes. They have integrated with Twitter and Instagram therefore while the attendee has posted something related to the event will be shown on the app too. Users can enjoy every agenda planning as they can also create their plan on EvenTee.

Source: Eventee

Key feature

  • Agenda
  • Live feedback
  • Newsfeed
  • Live question
  • Live polls
  • Networking
  • Integration with ticketing systems
  • Information cards


Basic plan for free

Premium plan $499/event

Enterprise plan $699/month.

Free trial provided.


6.Superevent| A free download app

Superevent is suitable for companies that want to hold a small event. They provide all basic features for free to those who will organize event within 50 attendees. The more important thing is they are also available on all devices, you can manage events no matter using Android & IOS system, on tablets, phones or Desktop too.

Source: Superevent

Key feature

  • Social wall
  • Messaging
  • Q&A
  • Voting
  • Push notifications

Pricing: Free / premium plan € 299 up


7.Apply4 eventapp| A user-friendly event app

Apply4’s EventApp is an online app that is actually cloud-based. IT support and software updated is unnecessary. To faster and reduce the workload of event management, Apply4’s EventApp provides a user-friendly interface that can show all documents and email conversations in one workroom.


Key feature

  • Messaging
  • Calendars
  • Reminders
  • Document management

Pricing: Available on request

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