We’re now supporting WeChat Pay

Bridging the ticketing gap in China

At EventXtra, one of our missions is to enable you to host events for the Chinese audience smoothly with tech. A big, common challenge in China that we’ve found from many event organizers is online ticketing.

China is famous for being a pioneer towards a cashless society. Thanks to the high penetration of mobile devices, mobile payment is a prominent payment method to many Chinese consumers. According to data from Analysys, Alipay and WeChat Pay, the top two mobile payment providers in China, accounted for 93% of China’s market.

Sell your tickets through WeChat Pay

We are now proud to announce that our online ticketing form also accepts WeChat Pay, the second top mobile payment method in China. This is achieved with our official payment gateway partner Stripe.

Building an event registration form that collects money through WeChat Pay is extremely easy. The workflow is intuitive to users. Just scan the QR code and process payment on the user’s WeChat payment portal, your users could purchase tickets for your events.

Other than WeChat, we’ve been integrating with Alipay, which is known as the biggest mobile payment provider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I require a legal entity in China to collect payments?
No, you don’t need to. You could collect payment and issue receipts through us. EventXtra is officially registered in China.

Which Chinese payment methods do you support?
Currently, we support Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Could your system issue an official receipt for taxation purposes in China?
Yes,  we are able to issue a receipt, aka Fapiao, that is officially recognized by the Chinese Tax Bureau. We’re able to deliver the receipt both in digital and paper formats.

What currencies do you support through WeChat Pay?
Currently, our WeChat Pay integration supports Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) only. But we’ll add more currencies soon.

Learn more about hosting events in China

Would you like to learn more about how EventXtra’s event tech could help your events in China? Sign up for a free consultation now!

About EventXtra

Founded in 2014, EventXtra is one of the world’s leading providers of event management software solutions for both event organizers and participants catering to over 100 cities and organizing over 10,000 events with over 4M attendees. The award-winning company offers both virtual and hybrid event solutions used by all leading trade bodies in Asia. 

With features such as the interactive exhibition hall, dynamic exhibitor booths, online registration forms, webinars and interactive conference stages, EventXtra is the go to service for many organizations attempting to broaden their audience into Asia Pacific. 

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