Grow your APAC event marketing

The localized event management tool for registration, on-site check-in, and engagement. Digitize your event marketing to capture data for growth and proving ROI.

Simplify your event registration setup

Create your online registration form with localization in a few clicks. Send pre-filled RSVP forms to your guests to increase sign up rate. Collect payment in local currencies inside or outside China.

Increase Attendees' Satisfaction Rate

Want to create a ‘wow’ first impression? Check-in your attendees onsite using facial recognition or QR-code scan. As attendees, they join event for content and networking. Engage your attendees with your speakers via live polling and Q&A on Event App. You can also maximize their ROI through providing business matching on event app.

Close more deals after attending events

Distribute Business Card Scanner App to your sales team to capture leads when attending events. Standardize lead qualification process to keep data clean and accurate. As a marketer, you can real-time overview the performance on dashboard to report to senior management.

World event organizers boost event marketing ROI with EventXtra

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