Find The Right Software For Hosting Events In China

EventXtra is the China-friendly event software for you to streamline workflows and engage local attendees easily.

Common digital challenges of hosting events in China

Slow/no access to your content

If there is any component of your registration website or form that is blocked by China, the residents may experience slow loading or cannot even view the content.


A fapiao (发票) is an official invoice for any goods or services purchased within China. In order to sell online tickets, you are required to issue e-Fapiao under the regulation of Chinese Tax Bureau.

Local social/payment

China has a unique IT ecosystem from social media to payment. To make your events successful in China, your event technology vendor has to adapt to the local ecosystem.


English proficiency is low in most of Chinese cities. Make sure that your digital platforms (website, email, mobile apps, registration form) are localized and display Chinese character properly.

Overcome these challenges with EventXtra's powerful event software.

What EventXtra can help you

Stable, smooth access in China

For events that are held in China, we will deliver our cloud services through Alibaba Cloud to ensure 100% stability and speed. Our technology is built with all IT infras that operate smoothly in China. We conduct connectivity and speed tests regularly in major cities in China.

Support Fapiao

Our registration and ticketing solution allows you issuing Fapiao in paper or digital form, which is issued by Chinese Tax Bureau, to your attendees.

Adapt to local payment and social

We support you to accept ticket sales via Alipay and WeChat Pay, the two major payment gateways in China. What’s more, we enable you to promote your event registration form on WeChat easily.

Localized into Chinese

All of our products, whether website and apps, are localized into Traditional and Simplified Chinese by native, professional copywriters.

Success Cases

See how MNCs and internatonal event organizers win in China.


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