Lead Retrieval App

An app that helps your attendees make more connections from your events.

How It Works

Capture Leads Accurately

You can scan either name badges or business cards or both for contact info.

Categorize Leads Easily

Customize tags and assign the contacts to the right group over a fingertip. Add supplementary info as notes.

Don’t Get Them Cold

Send personalized follow-ups in just a tap. You could customize and manage the email templates.

Digitalize Lead Information with OCR Technology

You could include our manual recognition services to ensure perfect accuracy.

Track Sales Performance in Real Time

Through our dashboard, you can track number of leads each salesperson collects, tags used, and create report for senior management.

Export Data Seamlessly

Export leads’ information in csv file for further analytics.

Integrate with Salesforce to save time in syncing leads’ information.

Ready to improve your events with tech?