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Build the Event App yourself without a Line of code! Set up your mobile event app in a minute easily. EventXtra’s App Builder is definitely your helpful tool.

Freemium - Manage Event at $0 cost

Free event management solutions for event hosts

Most app functions are included in the free plan. It enables you to digitalize every process, and keep track of the performance.

5-minute Tutorial

Complete Guide to have event app set up

Make an intriguing  online application form by just a few clicks. No coding required.

Event App Flow

Our user-friendly event registration system is designed to flow with your ideas.

E tickets for check in

Set up E tickets for faster check in

Agenda and event update

Attendee can get the latest information from event app

Interactions during event

Interact with attendees by Live Q&A, polling and discussion

All Things In One App

Achieving paperless and cost saving objective while delivering better event experience. A conference app that allowing easy customization and personalization to your delegates.


Event agenda, floor plan, and everything you want to place.


Create the interactive moments between the stage and the floor in your conference app.


Keep your attendees updated with customised message.


Let your attendees know each other and wait for the connections happen.


Send meeting invitation to whom you would like to meet up and stimulate collaboration.


Each attendee is given a unique QR code as digital ticket in prior to the event day.


Engage in Real Time

Enhance event experience by allowing them to interact with the event content with your mobile event management tools. And make connections at events easily.


Build a Community

Let attendees access all of your events in a consolidated event app.  Allow them to register the events they are interested in. Nurture them into your loyal event goers with your latest updates.


No Device Limit

Your event app users can use the mobile app on any phone and tablet. The app is highly compatible across iOS and Android platforms giving the greatest convenience to your attendees.

How it works?

Event Management Apps builder

Build the App yourself WITHOUT a line of code

You can instantly preview how the event app presents to your users while you are building it up with simple drag and drop of content blocks.

Event Details

Organisers can put the event details on the event app. For example, agenda and floor plan. These information allow attendees to better understand the event.


Live polling and Q&A

Organisers can set up polling and Q&A during or after the event. This function promotes interaction between different parties. It fosters connections to happen.

Qr Code registration

Push notification

Different notifications can be set. It reminds attendees for important dates and time. During the event, it helps to notify attendees for various event sessions.



Let your attendee to know each other and wait for the connections to happen. It promotes the chance to have business matching.

Business Matching

We send meeting invitation to whom you would like to meet up and stimulate collaboration.


QR code

We provide digital ticket for every attendee. It is for check in procedure and contacts exchange. It facilitates the communication among attendees.

Free Event Resources and Tips

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