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Virtual Events And Virtual Exhibition

Turning Event from Offline to Online Under Social Distancing Period

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Bringing your industry expo, job fair, annual conference online. Enriching audiences’ online presence and interaction like what we can achieve from physical events. Making your event hybrid and modernize event experiences. 


1. Virtual Networking Event

Providing an event space where each speaker or audience can have deep chat regarding specific topics. Having individual rooms or tables for business meet-up or discussion groups besides the main stage.


2. Virtual Reality Event (VR Event)

Visitors participate in the event with VR goggles experiencing the virtual event with the highest live event simulation or connecting another environment outside the physical venue that visitors are attending.


3. Webinar Event

Speaker or panelist sharing on specific topics which audiences are aiming for market insight or contents that they are interested in. Chatting, Q&A or polling features allow speaker-audience interaction and exchanging opinions. 


Virtual Career Fair / Job Fair

Virtual Trade show

Virtual Car Show

Virtual Film Expo

Your Online Event Success Starts Here

Event Entrance

Your guests and potential attendees can visit your online event before the event period to do registration.

  • Custom registration form
  • Event countdown
  • Onsite registration
  • Event Lobby

Online Exhibitor Booths

Companies can have their customizable display booth showcasing company multi media elements including e-brochures, posters, videos and more.

  • Branding booths with custom template
  • Enable to upload logo, banner, leaflet
  • Company details

Interactions at Booth

Visitors can chat with company representatives at booth. Visitor count is instantly reflected to show your booth popularity like what we see at physical event floor.

  • Business networking
  • Private & Public booth chatrooms
  • Direct message
  • Schedule meeting

Conference Hall Stage

Speakers on stage can present remotely and interact with audiences via live chat, Q&A, polling functions. Presentation mode can be live, semi-live or on demand video broadcasting.

  • Webinar
  • Live video
  • Polling section
  • Q&A section

Empower Your Virtual Event with Amazing Features

Registration page

High flexibility in customizing questions on the form and tailoring your form designs

Online ticketing

Multiple Ticket Types feature allows flexibility in selling different packages

Confirmation email

Support automated email feature to send out personalized emails with virtual event link

Virtual business card

Exchange business cards with each other who are online

Online chatroom

Set up private chat rooms to network with each other at Global chat in Lobby/Hall/Booth

Comprehensive statistics

A full statistics by attendees’ behaviour such as number of booths visited and content visited

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